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Residential home inspections

Northern california

A Quality home inspection with EXCELLENT CUSTOMER SERVICE guaranteed. 

The core value at Inspection-Pros, is to provide a quality home inspection, offering the best customer service possible. Our customers experience these values via quick-response time, positive attitude / high energy, and an exceptional overall quality product.  We have earned the appropriate credentials; certified by the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors (InterNACHI).

Buying a home is a huge investment, so careful planning is a must. That’s why it’s so important to choose the right company to perform your Northern California residential home inspection. You need a true professional that will walk through the entire home with you, assessing every important detail, leaving no stone unturned. At Inspection Pro's, we believe it’s important for homebuyers to be thoroughly informed of their potential new home’s condition before they buy it.  This attention to detail, plus the world class customer service, is the formula that’s made us the leading Northern California home inspection company. Our customers get the royal treatment - fast response time, positive attitude, high energy, and an exceptional overall product.

INSPECTION PROs - Serving Sacramento, Placer, El Dorado, Yolo, Amadaor, Contra Costa, Alameda, and Solano Counties. Please call us at (916) 620-7330 to arrange your residential home inspection. 

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Common Issues We Find - most are maintenance or safety related. 

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"soil gas intrusion"

A large opening was observed in the basement floor closet, which houses a shut-off valve for the water. 


This configuration allows soil-gas to readily enter the home at will.  Soil-gas may contain natural harmful elements, like radon - or - could even contain harmful man-made chemicals, such as volatile organic compounds.  

This condition pay pose a safety hazard, and the opening in the floor should be retrofitted to prevent soil-gas from entering into the homes breathing space.  The opening should not be enclosed as to restrict access to the shutoff valve

Recommend repair by handyman or this could be undertaken as a Do-It-Yourself project. 




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What's Inspected on Your Home Inspection?










What Our Customers Say...

"I was very pleased with my inspection process, they answered all my question in a timely manner. They were very courteous and friendly. I would highly recommend them"

Kelly B

What Is a Northern California Residential Home Inspection?

A residential home inspection is usually performed after an offer has been accepted by the seller to purchase a property. The purpose of the inspection is to advise the buyer of the condition of the property, including any defects or problems such as insect infestations, major systems requiring repair, problems with the foundation, etc. An inspection is always required in order to obtain a mortgage loan. The California Business and Professions Code 7195 (a)(1) defines home inspection as a physical examination of the property, that is performed for a fee in order to identify material defects. It can include any consultation about the property that is represented to be a home inspection. California doesn’t require home inspectors to have ANY education or expertise in engineering, architecture, environmental science, construction, contracting or carpentry. That’s why it’s so important to make sure that your Northern California home inspection is performed by an experienced and highly qualified inspector with a keen eye for spotting problems. This type of inspection will empower you with the information you need to make an informed buying decision.

What Does a Northern California Residential Home Inspection Report Contain?

California Business and Professions Code 7195 (C) requires that a home inspection report clearly describe and identify inspected systems, structures or components, and any defects identified, and recommendations regarding the conditions.  For pools and spas it must identify it’s drowning prevention features. The California Real Estate Inspection Association (CREIA) recommends that the report include safety hazards, systems that are not functionally properly and/or are at the end of their service lives. Our basic report goes the extra mile, including a detailed report for each of the home’s roof, basement/crawlspace, attic, plumbing, electrical and heating/cooling systems. The report you receive from your home inspector will show what was inspected with an assessment of all problems found and recommendations to follow up.

Common Problems Discovered During Home Inspections and How to Spot Them

  • Water Damage: This is one of the most costly problems to correct and can lead to increasing problems with dry rot, structural damage and toxic mold. Look for water stains, powdery residue, mold and mildew around the windows, ceilings and walls. Another telltale sign is water ponding near the foundation.

  • Electrical Problems: These are serious problems that can cause fires, and failure to take proper precautions can void insurance coverage. Amperage mismatches, missing wire nuts, open junction boxes or excessive use of extension cords are warning signs.

  • Poor Drainage: Poor drainage can lead to water damage, that’s why it’s important to note when “spongy” ground near the foundation or leaks in the basement.

  • Grade Sloping: Signs of grade sloping include off-kilter windows, doors with uneven gaps at the top, doors that swing when left ajar and sloping floors. This problem can be costly or even impossible to correct.

  • Gutters: Clogged, broken, bent or missing gutters can lead to water damage. Gutter problems are usually inexpensive to correct.

  • Roof Issues: Problems like worn roofs, curled or brittle shingles, missing or broken flashings, improper installation and aging surfaces can range from minor to severe. Costly roof problems are the number one reason that buyers cite for walking away from a home purchase.

  • General Disrepair: There may be many small problems that will add up to big bucks in total. For example, cracked driveways, heaters and coolers that were not serviced on time and other small items can indicate that the owners did not maintain the home well. Poor maintenance can also lead to problems that might not be easy to spot. Another reason to walk away, unless you’re getting a bargain price.



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